Getting Started

This video will give you a 4-minute tutorial on how to use instapush service and mobile app to get notified about any transaction in your web app that you care about!

  1. Signup
  2. Signup for Free Once you sign up, sign in and click add application

  3. Add Application
  4. Create an Event
  5. Everything in Instapush is event-based. So specify the event you want to watch (signups, sensetive login, important search, basically anything) add relevant data and submit.

  6. Download Server-Side Library
  7. Download our wrappers or make one yourself using your favourite programming language and inject the relevant code after a succesfful transaction in your app.

         $ npm install instapush
    var instapush = require("instapush");
    instapush.notify({"event":"search","trackers":{"term":"new term"}} ,function (err, response){

    Download NodeJS Wrapper - NPM

            $ip = InstaPush::getInstance("APPLICATION_ID", "APPLICATION_SECRET");
            $ip->track("signup", array( 
                    "email"=> ""
    Download PHP Wrapper - GitHub

            $ pip install instapush 
    from instapush import Instapush, App
    app = App(appid='52eed96ea2a8f0f', secret='9a96794fec44481de5')
    app.notify(event_name='search', trackers={ 'email': ''})
    Download Python Wrapper - GitHub

            $ gem install instapush-api
    require 'instapush'
    app = 'id', 'secret'
    event = 'event-name'
    event.tracker= { :version => '0.9.0' }
    app.push event
    Download Ruby Wrapper - GitHub

       app := instapush.App{Id: "INSTAPUSH_APP_ID", Secret: "INSTAPUSH_APP_SECERT"}
      res, err := app.Send("SignUp", map[string]interface{}{
          "First Name": "James",
          "Last Name":  "Bond",
      fmt.Printf("%s\n", res)
    Download Go Wrapper - GitHub
         curl -X POST \
          -H "x-instapush-appid: 52d477b2a4c48a5a7068ae0f" \
          -H "x-instapush-appsecret: 2364eb29c3774016fd80e9b7a471f97a" \
          -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
          -d '{"event":"registeration","trackers":{"email":" "}}' \


  8. Download Mobile App

  9. And start recieving notifications immediatly! It's as simple as this. The app is available in Google Play for Android and App Store iOS

    get it on Apple Store Coming soon to Android