Get Instant Notifications for Transactions You Care About.

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Track new signups, purchases or anything that really matters.

And get notified on your smartphone when it happens.


Get notified from within your apps or services via simple http requests.

Straight forward

Add some lines to your code, an alert comes to notify you.


Saves you time and effort, and keep you up to date.

You won't miss anything, again.

Gone are the times of checking your logs or emails everynight, between analytics, payment gateways and your custom-made control panel to discover what happened in your product or service. Instapush will keep you updated with events when they happen.

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Couldn't be easier.

In your web app, add the code after a successful transaction, and we will do the rest.

     $ npm install instapush

var instapush = require("instapush");

instapush.notify({"event":"search","trackers":{"term":"new term"}} ,function (err, response){

Download NodeJS Wrapper - NPM

        $ip = InstaPush::getInstance("APPLICATION_ID", "APPLICATION_SECRET");
        $ip->track("signup", array( 
                "email"=> ""
Download PHP Wrapper - GitHub

        $ pip install instapush 
from instapush import Instapush, App
app = App(appid='52eed96ea2a8f0f', secret='9a96794fec44481de5')
app.notify(event_name='search', trackers={ 'email': ''})
Download Python Wrapper - GitHub

        $ gem install instapush-api

require 'instapush'
app = 'id', 'secret'
event = 'event-name'
event.tracker= { :version => '0.9.0' }
app.push event
Download Ruby Wrapper - GitHub

   app := instapush.App{Id: "INSTAPUSH_APP_ID", Secret: "INSTAPUSH_APP_SECERT"}
  res, err := app.Send("SignUp", map[string]interface{}{
      "First Name": "James",
      "Last Name":  "Bond",
  fmt.Printf("%s\n", res)

Download Go Wrapper - GitHub

     curl -X POST \
      -H "x-instapush-appid: 52d477b2a4c48a5a7068ae0f" \
      -H "x-instapush-appsecret: 2364eb29c3774016fd80e9b7a471f97a" \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      -d '{"event":"registeration","trackers":{"email":" "}}' \

Send me a push notification when ..

I get a new payment on paypal, someone subscribes to my MailChimp list, a new file on my Dropbox is shared, someone tweets about me

integrate Instapush with Zapier and/or IFTTT to connect and automate more than 280+ web services with push notifications